Here you can find a list of datasets made available through IMMUNEMAP for special purposes.

A collection of intravital microscopy videos of immune cells along with their tracks (3d) manually annotated by multiple operators
RAW data available as Imaris IMS, TIF sequences, and Cell Tracking Challenge (CTC) format.
Ground truth available as CSV files Nx(track id, x, y, z, time) and Cell Tracking Challenge (CTC) format

The dataset is divided in two parts: Full videos (approx 500 x 500 pixels, 15 planes, 60 frames), and case studies videos (smaller crops around events of interest).

TIFF sequences FULL VIDEOS - Download zip
TIFF sequences CASE STUDIES - Download zip
CSV Tracking Ground Truth - Download

The zip contains TIFF files named like LTDB050_Z000_C002_T123.tif where the first part is the video id, the number following Z *integer) is the Z plane, the number following C is the channel, the number following T is the frame.

The CSV file contains the tracking ground truth in the format
track id, x, y, z, frame
The first two rows contain information on the pixel size, and the channels in which cells are visible. Further details can be found in the paper.




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